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PH Minus Granules



PH Minus reduces the pH value of the water with a buffer effect.


PH Minus is a fast and completely soluble product. It is suitable for manual injections into skimmers or through special dosing pumps after dilution (max. 25%). Dose the product so as to have a pH value between 7.2 and 7.6. Consumption may vary depending on temperature, sunlight, number of bathers, weather conditions and water hardness. Perform fractional dosages.


5-10 gr. perm3 of water reduce the pH value by about 0.1 depending on the hardness and alkalinity of the treated water.

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PH Minus Granules

PH Minus Granules 1 Kg, PH Minus Granules 5Kgs, PH Minus Granules 10Kgs

PH Minus Granules

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