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Liquid Natural Clarifier

Natural Clarifier made from chitosan (crustacean shells)


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This Natural Clarifier made from chitosan (crustacean shells) is the most effective weekly treatment for preventing the formation of foam and cloudiness in pool water. It removes all traces of body oils and lotions, as well as excess metal precipitates.

Suitable for use in all types of pools and filters.

• Keeps water crystal clear, which helps the filter collect dirt.

• Removes excess metal precipitates.

• Helps make cleaning filters quicker and easier.

• Improves the performance of salt chlorinators.

Recommended use:

To keep your pool water crystal clear, treat it with the recommended dose of Natural Flocculant once a week. For home pools that are used a lot or for public pools, treat the pool water with twice or three times the recommended dose.

Liquid Natural Clarifier

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