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Liquid Flok 1 Ltr



Liquid Flok is a filtering and coagulating agent.

Liquid flok eliminates and prevents the formation of microscopic suspensions that cause turbidity in the water. The flocculant agglomerates the particles in order to form a larger whole that will subsequently be retained by the filters more effectively. Liquid Flok allows you to reduce filtration times from 6 to 10 hours per week and helps to keep the water crystal clear.


It is a completely soluble liquid, suitable for manual inputs into skimmers or through special automatic dosing pumps.
WARNING: It is not suitable for diatom filters.


• Elimination of turbidity: 400 – 500 g of liquid Flok diluted to 10% per 100 m3 of water. Carry out a backwash every 4/5 hours of filtration and immediately carry out a new flocculation until the desired crystallinity has been obtained.
• Prevention of turbidity or strengthening of the filter bed: Pour into the skimmer 200 – 250 g of product diluted to 10% for every
100 m3 of water.

Liquid Flok 1 Ltr