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Chemicals Information


  • 70% -  Lagoon Granules (Calcium Based)
  • 70% - Lagoon Calcium Based Tablets
  • 90% - Lagoon Granules (Cyuneric Acid Based)
  • Lagoon TCCA Tablets
  • Lagoon Multitabs

Domestic Pools – Chlorine level should be between 1 or 2 ppm (parts per million).

Pools with Ionizer- Chlorine level should be kept around 0.5 ppm.

Ideally clients should use Lagoon TCCA tablets in Chlorinator or Skimmer Basket and dose with diluted Lagoon Calcium Hypochlorite Granules once a week in summer. (Dilution – 0.5 kilo/big mug of Lagoon Chlorine Granules in a bucket of water). This can be fed either through skimmer (This should be avoided at all costs if Lagoon Tablets are in skimmer basket as an explosion will occur) or directly into pool in front of the inlets when the pump is running. If chlorinator is present, average pool will use 4 to 6 tablets a week with chlorinator gauge set on 4.

90% Chlorine should not be used for prolonged periods as a build up of cyuneric acid will occur. 
Lagoon Multitabs are TCCA tablets (90%) but also contain algaecide (that prevent the growth of Algae) and clarifier (that helps maintain clearer water).



PH is the balance between acidity and alkalinity in water. It is important that the correct PH is maintained as chlorine and other chemicals will not function properly if PH level in water is not between 7.2 and 7.6.

If pool water has a higher ph than 7.6 – Plastica PH Minus or Acid is required. Plastica PH Minus is in granular form.  These should be dissolved in a bucket of water. Liquid Acid can also be used to lower PH (more commonly used). This can be added 1 ltr at a time directly into pool water. Glasses should be worn as it is very dangerous.

If PH is below 7.2 – Plastica PH Plus should be added. This is in granular form. Dilute with water and add to pool in front of inlets. Add about 0.5 kilo in a bucket of water and add into pool. Check PH level with test kit after 12 hours.


Plastica Clarifiers

Plastica Clarifiers are used to reduce particles in suspension in pool water that cause cloudiness. Clarifiers are used to Flocculate these small particles and make them big enough to be retained by swimming pool filter.

These are available as follows:

  • Plastica Concentrated Water Clarifier (into pool water directly)
  • Plastica Gel Cube Clarifier (in pump room)
  • Plastica Clear Tabs (in skimmer, if no other chemicals are present)


Plastica Algaecide

Algaecide is used to eliminate or prevent the growth of Algae in pool water.

Normal Plastica Algaecide is used to eliminate algae.

Steps to be taken:

  1. Adjust PH to 7.2 to 7.6
  2. Shock dose with chlorine granules (double the normal amount) + add Plastica Algaecide as per container instructions.


Plastica Summer Long.

This is a long acting algaecide used to prevent algae from growing in pool water. This type of algaecide has a six month effect.


Plastica Tile & Liner Cleaner

This is a chemical used to remove dirt or grease from swimming pool waterline.

This chemical is available in liquid or gel form.


Plastica Cartridge Filter Cleaner

This product is used to clean cartridge filters in pools and spas.


Plastica Spa Care Kits.

A Spa care kit is available for maintaining healthy clean water in Spa pools. These kits include an Oxidizer, Calcium Eliminator, Anti-Foaming and Anti-Bacterial Chemicals.


Test Kits

VARIOUS TEST KITS are available for checking of pool water as follows:

  • Test Strips
  • Liquid Test Kits
  • Tablet Test Kits
  • Digital Test Kits
  • Computer Testing

All can be utilized to test pool and spa water.


Very Important

Never Mix Pool Chemicals, Explosions Can Occur.